Carefull is built to provide families safety and simplicity throughout the most challenging financial life stage.

Money is a challenging topic for just about every family with older adults. We should know. We’re among them.

Over the years, we’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories of folks losing their life savings to a scam or a trusted caregiver quietly stealing. Little mistakes with tragic consequences: The mortgage or life insurance not being paid.

And besides fraud and scams, mistakes and misappropriation, there are so many opportunities to do better.

How can we make good decisions about money with and for our loved ones? How can we make sure that our hard-earned dollars are spent the way we want them to be?

How can we enjoy time together, instead of fighting through financial details at every turn?

That’s why we’re building Carefull: The unique financial challenges faced by families deserve a unique solution built for this stage of our lives.

We’re partnering with the financial institutions and professionals you already know and trust to bring Financial Safety™ to every family on the planet.

So we can all Be Carefull.

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Our team is composed of leaders with extensive experience in technology, finance, security, and caregiving

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Carefull in the news

The importance of supporting financial caregivers, with Carefull Founder Todd Rovak

Suddenly someone important in your life, maybe the most important in your life, needs help with some or even all of their finances. You've got a big job, but you don't necessarily have the experience for it. Especially if that loved one has a complicated financial picture. The kind that often requires the guidance of a financial advisor. That's where Carefull comes in.

Financial Planning, October 2023

Technology Tools to Help Guard Against Elder Financial Abuse

You can invite other loved ones and finance professionals into a “circle” of people who will also receive alerts. The idea is that everyone will be able to talk through any issues that seem odd — and there might be a perfectly benign explanation for a large transaction, maybe a legitimate one-time purchase of a big-ticket item. A son or daughter may say, “I’m going to call Mom about this purchase.”

AARP, November 2021

A loved one's dementia will break your heart. Don't let it wreck your finances

The tech world offers some options to individuals and families who are seeking support. The Cetera Financial Group has partnered with Carefull, an online company that monitors for fraud and financial errors, while also providing identity theft insurance.

NPR, June 2023

How to keep elderly clients safe from scams this holiday season

Carefull, a digital platform built to protect the daily finances of older adults, last month announced that it had successfully analyzed and protected $2 billion of transactions from fraud and financial threats in 2022. Carefull refers to the daily monitoring and coordination of an aging loved one’s money as ‘financial caregiving.’

Investment News, December 2022

How to Avoid a Summer of Scams – Expert Tips to Help Aging Parents

If you work with a fiduciary financial adviser, you may find that they already partner with or recommend using a document and fraud monitoring application like Carefull, a service that individuals and adviser firms can use to organize and protect money, credit and identity. With a tool like that, your adviser and you know your financial information and identity are safe because they are continually monitored.

Kiplinger, July 2022

Giving money away could indicate early Alzheimer’s in older adults

It’s important to watch for signs an older adult is having trouble handling money – an early sign of Alzheimer’s that may reveal itself in a pattern of missed credit card payments – and put controls in place before it becomes a problem. One of the controls Huddleston recommends is account monitoring by Carefull.

Seasons, June 2022

How Carefull aims to help older adults manage their finances effectively

Rovak believes financial institutions, typically banks, have unfortunately treated their aging customers as customer service challenges and instead focused on high-balance, high-value customers to engage over the next 20 years of spend. This group simply needs a different, smarter layer of tech so they can live their lives actively.

Fintech Futures, June 2022

FinXTech’s Need To Know: Elder Finances

Banks can work with fintechs to provide a digital banking interface that organizes elder finances for account holders. Managing insurance, retirement, medical, housing and emergency costs can feel next to impossible for caregivers who suddenly gain access to elder accounts. But, being able to access and manage those accounts from one platform could save time and prevent a potential headache. Carefull is one such digital banking platform.

BankDirector, April 2022

Carefull and Nationwide® Team Up to Support “Financial Caregivers”

In using its technology to support the 45 million U.S. adults who coordinate and protect daily finances for an older parent, Carefull will join Nationwide’s broader effort to offer on-demand solutions for the “uncharted territory” often navigated by its members who are actively caring for an aging loved one.

BusinessWire, March 2022

Technology Tools to Help Guard Against Elder Financial Abuse

Tech companies such as Carefull…offer services that can flag suspicious behavior across multiple accounts, including incidents they say banks often miss. The idea is that everyone will be able to talk through any issues that seem odd — and there might be a perfectly benign explanation for a large transaction, maybe a legitimate one-time purchase of a big-ticket item.

AARP, November 2021

Carefull To Provide Safe Money Monitoring for The Cooperative Bank's Senior Customers

Carefull, the first service built to organize and protect older adults' daily finances, today announced a partnership with Boston-based, The Cooperative Bank (TCB) to provide its customers with safe money monitoring technology. Carefull is thrilled to become a Financial Caregiving partner to TCB, on this cutting-edge service for seniors. The partnership is purpose-built for aging adults and the families who support them.

PR Newswire, October 2021

The staggering, exhausting, invisible costs of caring for America’s elderly

Tools like Carefull create a system where there was none and then make it easier to navigate, ultimately clarifying an unnecessarily convoluted corner of care labor.

Vox, August 2021

Smart Money Awards: The Best Financial Apps and Services of 2021

[Carefull is] like a second set of eyes. Carefull got the highest ratings across the board from our judges, who described its ability to help with the family-and-finances tangle as ‘huge’ and ‘super important.’

Real Simple, August 2021

How to navigate uncomfortable money matters with your family

While it may seem like a good idea to broach money matters during the family holiday meal — don’t, said Cameron Huddleston, author of “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk” and a family finance expert with Carefull, an app that monitors and protects the money of aging parents. Find a time when you can sit down and have a discussion “when all of you are relaxed and emotions aren’t running high,” Huddleston said.

CNBC, November 2020

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