The financial safety platform that protects older clients and grows your firm

With an average of 2 new leads per client, you’ll see positive ROI from month one.

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Carefull protects older clients from the unique fraud and threats they face— from charity scams to theft by a trusted person— along with the money mistakes that occur with age.

When these issues inevitably occur, long-standing client relationships are suddenly at risk. Provide Carefull to clients and turn potential catastrophes into 'hero moments' for your firm, allowing you to build next-generation relationships, retain existing assets, and even support fee-based planning.


Grow by capturing wealth transfer

9 in 10 people will not use their parents’ advisor. Carefull makes it easy to get the whole family involved and keep them involved while showing your dedication to your clients.

Family members and Trusted Contacts added by your clients provide you with warm leads

Advisors get 2 high quality leads per enrolled client on average

Grow by demonstrating your value

Each time Carefull sends an alert, it becomes a hero moment for your firm. We do the work to fix client problems and your brand gets all the credit.

Timely, automated communications deliver clients insights and assurance — always co-branded to remind clients you’re there for them.

Clients see bill changes, redundant services, discounts — and even the info to speak to a human to negotiate or cancel bills as needed


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Implementation is simple

After a single intro conversation, you will be ready to roll out Carefull to your clients.

Positive ROI from Month 1

For every enrolled client, advisors receive on average 2 high quality leads.

Our experts keep your clients safe

Carefull’s US-based experts are the first line of defense, resolving fraud issues or mistakes as they come up (so you don’t have to).

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Grow through differentiation

With so few technologies aimed at helping older clients, implementing Carefull shows how well you meet the needs of modern families.

Senior-focused design

US-based, expert support

Compliant with the highest security standards

AI powered to learn behavior and catch both fraud and mistakes

Data encryption that houses PII and financial transaction data separately, by design


Smart Money Award 2023

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ABA Community Award 2023

Carefull gives our clients instant peace of mind. The value-add is immediate and it has become irreplaceable for our advisors using it.

VP of Coastal Wealth a Mass Mutual Firm

Revolutionary protection that catches elder fraud and exploitation, and stops money mistakes that occur as clients age.

Hard to spot senior fraud like romance scams and theft by a trusted person

Concerning patterns cognitive decline or forgetfulness

Deceptive recurring donations or declining judgement in giving

Suspicious Zelle/P2P payments & deposits

Money Mule and Check washing scams

Gift card scams and more

A unique & comprehensive solution for your clients

AI-powered money monitoring

Oversight to guard every savings, checking, investment, and credit card from fraud, mistakes, and elder abuse.

Bill Organization

Prevent missed payments, and automatically see discounts & opportunities to save

Identity & Credit Monitoring

With smart alerts, 24/7 restoration support, and tools to patch data breaches

Secured Sharing between Trusted Contacts

Clients are in control of how they keep trusted family and advisors in the loop

Home Title Monitoring

A quarterly scan, with added protection from address change fraud

Document & Password Storage

Encrypted storage vault for critical documents and login info

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